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Jun 09

Authentication tools tackle identity theft

Identity and password management is an increasing concern to IT directors and organisations with an e-commerce site, which are facing growing pressure to protect themselves from hackers and organised crime syndicates looking to steal valuable information ... more>

Aug 09

Codered Identity Management Philosophy

Delivering c omprehensive Identity Management is primarily a process, not a product, that relies heavily on unique business driven workflow rules.  Successful organisations avoid trying to deploy all aspects of Identity Management at once, but instead deploy a proven phased and measurable approach from many vendors who only specialise in their product space.
... more>

Sept 09

Streamlining Identity Management.  Accelerating Business Results

Identity Management, for most organizations, is a global service being provided to employees, contractors and suppliers around the world, 24 hours a day.  If your Identity Management solution succeeds or fails, it has global business implications that will impact your bottom-line and your company's ability to keep pace with your competition . ... more>

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