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Streamlining Identity Management.  Accelerating Business Results


Avatier's "point & click" Identity Management software helps your organization quickly realize its security management and business goals using Avatier's patent-pending Hybrid Role Model TM to simplifying the delivery of a complete internationalized   Identity Management solution which includes:

  •  provable cost savings calculator for each action
  •  point & click human resource connectors for role based user provisioning
  •  self-service resource, asset, and account setup requests

  •  automatically managing who has access to which resources and services

  •  archiving employee resources upon termination

  •  alerting when security access thresholds are crossed

  •  routinely logging and reporting what they have done

  •  constantly enforcing Sarbanes Oxley business, privacy and security policies     

Only Avatier supplies multilingual Identity Management solutions you need to eliminate labor intensive tasks. Our solutions span enterprise, customer and federated identities; while continuously calculating a provable ROI of Avatier's products at work for you.




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