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Avatier Identity Management Server (AIMS )

1. core services like email, auditing, reporting, alerting, scheduling, task automation, workflow, help desk ticketing, live updating with rollback, and internationalisation. 

2. target platforms like enterprise applications, directory services, network operating systems, Unix, legacy systems, RSA, smart cards, databases, and single sign-on solutions.

3. client access methods like web, telephony, voice authentication, RSA, command-line, software development kit, Microsoft Identity Information Server (MIIS) or any other metadirectory.

AIMS™ is the world's first and only 100% internationalised web-service based Identity Management framework and development platform.  AIMS™ unique design allows our solution to be deployed faster and provide higher reliability than any solution on the market.  AIMS™ is backed by over a million users who are currently

                • saving money
                • meeting compliance
                • improving productivity
                • reducing threats
                • simplifying administration
                • gaining interoperability


Multilingual Support

Here are a few of our most popular supported languages.

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