ITIL Service Design

Service Design translates strategic plans and objectives and creates the designs and specifications for execution through service transition and operations. It provides guidance on combining infrastructure, applications, systems, and processes, along with suppliers and partners, to present feasible service offerings.

The Service Design volume provides guidance on the design and development of services and service management processes. It includes design principles and methods for converting strategic objectives into portfolios of services and service assets. Service Design is not limited to new services and includes the changes and improvements required to maintain or increase value to customers over the lifecycle of services, taking into account the continuity of services, conformance to standards and regulations and achievement of service levels. It also provides guidance on the development of design capabilities for service management.

ITIL Service Design Principles

The documented principles cover

• Business Change Process
• Balanced Design
• Design Constraints
• Design Activities
• Design Aspects
• Subsequent Design Activities
• Service Oriented Architecture
• Business Service management
• Service Design Models